Sunday, August 31, 2008

Youth Lock-In

On Friday night, August 23rd, we had our first youth lock-in at the church where David is the Youth/Children's Pastor. I thought I would share some of the images with you all. David and I stayed up the ENTIRE night (from 7pm to 9am). For those of you that know me well, that was a great feat for me!

Embarrassing, yes, but funny nonetheless!

The youth had to dress up the adults with toilet paper.
L to R: Pastor Tim Rogers, Angie Gomez, Gail Rogers

This is the winning team!
You can see the medals we made for the winners well in this picture!

"Human Vacuum" Race
(They had to eat 4 bowls of marshmallows along the way. Don't worry, there were only about 8 in each bowl.)

"Bobblehead Bowling"
You can see some of the youth in this picture protecting the partition behind them from the frozen milk jug in the foreground.

A Funny game of Twister!

The next 3 pictures are the winners of the eating game.
This is Jacob. He had to eat chocolate that had been melted in the bottom of the bowl.

This is Derek. He had to eat carrot baby food. Yuck!

This is T.J. He had to eat chocolate pudding with pieces of hot dogs mixed in! Double Yuck!!!!

David and I when it was almost time for them to all be picked up. We were so ready for bed!


Angela said...

I love the mouth shot! I cn hear the kids, "Eeeeeeeewwwwww!!! Mrs. Ewin is showin' her food!!"

It looks like a lot of fun, but I woul dhave been passed out by midnight :o).

I know that the kids' were blessed by yourhard work.

Abby said... least your teeth look pretty and straight!!!

Angela said...

Your teeth are remarkably straight, actually! Wow! Go did wear braces right?

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

Yes, I did wear braces. Thanks for the compliment on the teeth!