Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here we go again...

I went back to the doctor on Monday. I did have a cyst on my right ovary, but it was healing so everything was ok to go ahead and start the clomid again. I started the clomid that night so here we go on this next cycle. My next appt. is Wednesday, Sept. 24th. They will be checking to see if my follicles have matured. It will be pretty much the same thing as this last cycle so you can see the process a few blogs back. Be praying for us in this journey! Our new motto concering all of this is:

It is for OUR good and HIS glory!!!!


Angela said...

Good motto girl!! I can't wait to hear about your follicles! :o)

Question (and forgive me if we have already covered this): What kind of cyst are they seeing?

Qeustion 2 (again, we may have covered this before, but...): since you hae indeed been pregnant twice, are they talking at all about what to do when you do get pregnant? With your losses so early, are they planning immediate intervention with hormones?

Not to be nosey, but I have been meaning to ask.. Post your answer here for those that are following your story and on the same path. I will come back and check here for it :o)

Love you girl!

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

1st idea! We haven't talked about the type of cyst.

2nd we haven't talked about that. If I get a + pg test, I plan to call them immediately to figure out what will be next.

I will, though, be asking next week about the hormones now that you brought it up. ;) I just didn't think about it before. I assume too much! ;)