Friday, September 26, 2008

A Little Disappointed

I will say that today was a little disappointing. I just got back from the RE. She did an ultrasound on Wednesday and today to see if my follicles had matured like they were supposed to to release an egg. Neither Wednesday nor today were they where they were supposed to be. Last month I had a follicle mature like it was supposed to and everything happened right (except for the actual conception part) and this month, the same treatment seems to not have worked. Obviously, they have faith that it is going to mature like it is supposed to because they went ahead and gave me the HcG shot to make the egg release. I don't know. If I were to get pg this month, I would find out while I am visiting my family without David. The other thing about that is if my period comes while I am there instead, I will have to cut my trip home short to come back and have an ultrasound to check for cysts so I can start the clomid again. Anyway, it is just crazy and there are so many unknowns involved in my trip, but I am looking forward to seeing my family and hoping and praying I don't have to come back early!!!