Monday, December 8, 2008


I have recently gotten back into the whole couponing game and am doing much better than before. I have found many good blogs that have helped me figure out how to get the most for my money. I am going to list two recent trips where I did pretty well.

K-mart recently doubled coupons up to $2.00. That meant you could get up to $4 off of a product! Here are my results.

Cost of products pre-coupons: $53.92
Money saved in coupons: $37.16
Money out of pocket: $16.76

That’s a 69% savings! This was my first big trip where I was able to save so much money. Some of the things were already on sale so I had those savings too, but I don’t remember what the original price was for those products.

BI-LO Grocery Store has become the place where I most watch for sales because they double coupons EVERY DAY up to $.99. That means you can save up to $1.98 per coupon. Here are the savings from my most recent trip.

Cost of products pre-coupons: $10.67
Money saved in coupons: $7.60
Money out of pocket: $3.07
That’s a 71.2% savings!

There are actually some other savings I incurred from just the normal sales at BI-LO that I didn’t have coupons to use. They had great sales on different meats and produce. Below is my total savings including the products I used coupons on.

Cost of products pre-coupons: $51.76
Money saved in coupons & sales: $31.80
Money out of pocket: $19.96
That’s a 61.4% savings!

I think I did pretty well for my first two big transactions. I am hoping to get even better in the future! This is making an amazing difference for David and I. It’s saving us money plus we are able to get more things that have been on the “absolutely not” list previously!


Abby said...

Erin...this is AWESOME!!! I love to hear stories about this kind of thing! Good job! So what have you been able to purchase that was on the aboslutely not list? If you don't mind me asking! :-)

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

Things like cookies...for 66 cents! Cereals that I rarely buy, but got them for 50 cents! Things like that. It's nice!

Diane Emigh said...

That's great honey....good job!