Tuesday, February 24, 2009

17 Week 3 Day Appointment

I had my 2nd OB appt today and it was great! The doctor found our baby's heartbeat right away and I was so excited to hear it!!! It was around 140 and that is right in the middle of the normal range, so we are very excited! That also meant that I didn't get an ultrasound today. :(

The doctor was telling me that my insurance only covers ultrasounds for "medical necessity" so, it was looking like we might have to pay for our ultrasound to find out the sex.

Also, the doctor said that I haven't gained any weight at all during this pregnancy so far and I took him even further to tell him that I had actually lost 2 pounds since I first found out I was pregnant. He said, "So, because you have low maternal weight gain (nothing), then an ultrasound is 'medically necessary' ". YAY!!!!!!! He didn't act concerned at all and I think he was just trying to help me have a reason to have my ultrasound! I am so excited! It is two weeks from today (March 10).

Also, this week I have to do a test for gestational diabetes. Most women only have to do this test once (around 28 weeks), but I will have to do it twice because the PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) that I have means that I have a higher risk for gestational diabetes. :( So, I plan to drink the nasty stuff tomorrow and have my test. Please pray that I do not have this! I have been trying to eat fairly well already and I hope it has been helping (obviously it has in the weight area).

So, it was a great appt. and we are looking forward to everything in store for us in the months to come. We ask that you continue to pray for us. The Lord has really blessed us so much already and we are so thankful! Thank you for your prayers this far!


Elizabeth Johnston said...

Yay! I'm so glad everything is going so well!! (Jealous, too!) :) I'm so glad to hear about the upcoming ultrasound. hehehe Can't wait for pictures. I'm so happy for you! You have no idea... :)

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

Thanks, girl! I am so excited!!!