Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Much delayed report on our little Caroline!

It was brought to my attention recently that it has be a LONG time since I have updated the blog (Thanks, Angela V.!) I had my ultrasound to check Caroline's size on May 27th. Our printer/scanner wasn't working at the time so I wanted to wait to update the blog until I could get these pictures scanned. Well, it's been working for a while now and I am just a slacker, sorry!!!!!

So, it was SO wonderful to get to see our little Caroline again! She is growing bigger and stronger every day! The tech confirmed for us that our little girl is in fact a little girl! That is the first picture below. It is VERY obvious that she is a little girl!!! The second picture is of the hair she already has. Praise the Lord, I haven't had the heartburn that I hear usually comes along with that! The last 2 pictures are profiles of Caroline. She had her face pressed very close to my uterine wall, so the tech wasn't able to get great pictures, but you can see a little bit. SO, the biggest development that came out of our U/S is that Caroline's head is measuring in the 98th percentile. Yikes! They excluded bad things like water on the brain that her having a big head would be an indicator of. David's Mom said that his head was in the 98th percentile when he was born, so like father, like daughter! Poor Caroline! At least they won't be using forceps like they did with him! I have another ultrasound scheduled for July 7th to check on her growth.

I talked with a friend here that used to be an OB, but is now just doing GYN (at the same practice I am at). She said, "when they say c-section, say THANK YOU!" I told her that a day or two after they scheduled the second U/S, I realized they were probably doing that to talk about inducing me early. She said it would be either that or the c-section. So, I don't know everything for sure yet, but it looks like Caroline will probably come early via induction or c-section. I will know more after my U/S, but that's where we are for now. I have another appointment this coming Tuesday. It's just a regular appt. for all the regular things. ;)

I hope you enjoy the pictures of Caroline!