Tuesday, July 21, 2009

38 Week Appointment

Well, we learned yesterday that Caroline will not be coming by induction this week. I had my weekly appt. yesterday morning. It started with an ultrasound and although we had to wait for her to wake up to show us her “practice breathing”, everything else went great. (Don’t be alarmed about her “breathing”. Babies don’t do it like we do!) As we were talking with the U/S tech about what we were seeing, she reminded us that we have to take every measurement with a grain of salt. The measurements can be very off at this stage of development with a baby. Given that, here are the stats:

7lbs. 4 oz.
86th percentile head (it has been 98th)
22nd percentile abdomen (previous U/S’s: 16th & <2%)
I think the ratio of head to abdomen was like 1.08% which is just .03% out of the normal range.

We enjoyed getting to see our little Caroline again! It’s always great to see her! After the U/S was over, they had to page my doc and we had to wait on him. He was actually on call yesterday and not in office. They had to set up a special appt. for me due to U/S scheduling and all. We learned yesterday that it really wasn’t Caroline’s head that Dr. VanZant was considering the induction for. It was her abdomen. You see, her abdomen measured very small at her last U/S (<2%). But, he said that all her measurements looked good today and he wasn’t worried at all about her growth. He used the term, “intrauterine growth restriction”. This basically means that if he felt she wasn’t getting the nutrition she needed being in my uterus, then he would have recommended we induce this week. She does NOT have “intrauterine growth restriction”, he only used this term to tell me what it would have been had he decided to induce. So, they don’t induce until the 39th week unless something is wrong and since everything is looking great, we won’t be inducing this week. As far as her head goes, I voiced to him that my concern was that I wanted the absolute best shot possible to have her vaginally and asked him what he felt about that. He said that he feels that I will have no problem. That was great news to me! So, as of now, he is treating me as a “normal pregnancy”. If this means he will allow me to go to 41 weeks or not, I have no idea. That’s one of those questions I didn’t think to ask in the moment. We’ll just have to see at my appt. next week. It is scheduled for July 29th at 10am.

Dr. VanZant’s reasoning for not inducing me this week makes perfect sense to me. The thing that bothers me is that I asked him specifically 2 weeks ago if she would definitely be here in my 38th week and he said, “Yes, if you don’t have her before then.” Now, he is saying that she won’t be here. I am just very annoyed that he gave me such a definitive answer and now has changed. I just wish he had said that he wasn’t sure! I would have still been thinking that I had no idea when she would come, but now I am just disappointed that I have to continue to wait! The plus is that now I am ready and I definitely wasn’t ready when he told me that 2 weeks ago!!! This week seemed like it really would have been the perfect week for everyone. I am just trying to remember that my God’s timing is perfect and if He wants her to come this week, she will. If not, she won’t. It’s as simple as that, although my emotions don’t think it is simple at all! ;)

Below is the best picture we were able to get yesterday. She's a cutie!


Angela said...

That picture is A-MAZ-ING. Look at her chunky little cheeks!!!!!

I love her...and you...and Dah-veed. :o)


Erin Emigh Stanford said...

Thanks! I love you too! She does have some chunky cheeks!!!