Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Caroline weighs EIGHT pounds!

Caroline had her second pediatrician appointment on Monday. I know I never wrote about her first one, so I will give a little summary of that one first.

Her first pediatrician appointment was on Tuesday, August 4th, 5 days after she was born. We had to wait for an HOUR before we went back. I found out the other day why we had to wait that long, but let's just say it was not a good thing for an emotional new mom, her newborn and Daddy too. Caroline had left the hospital at 6 lbs. 8 3/4 oz. At her appt., just 3 days after we left the hospital, she weighed 6lbs. 12oz. That was great gain for 3 days! Dr. Shade said that Caroline was the happiest baby in the nursery during our stay in the hospital. I was so proud of her!

At her second appointment, we waited for 45 min. I don't know what the deal was, but I hope this is not a pattern! I remembered to ask what percentiles Caroline was when she was born.

-Length - 23 in. - Of course, she was completely off the chart! 21 1/2 in. was the longest on the newborn chart and it was the 97th percentile. Craziness!!!

-Head - 14 1/4 in. - 75th percentile - much smaller than the ultrasound predicted

-Weight - 7 lbs. 4 oz. - 35th percentile - Of course, she looked smaller because she was so long!

Caroline actually got her first prescription from Rite Aid on 8/13. It was because she was having some excessive eye drainage out of her right eye. So, we talked about this at the appt. and Dr. Shade said she was looking good. We are to continue the ointment for a total of 10 days. Her cord has still not fallen off, but the doctor said it is looking good. She said it will be off by her next appt. on 8/31...that's still a while away! Caroline weighed EIGHT pounds at this appointment! I was SHOCKED! My little baby is 8 pounds! Dr. Shade said if she could pick a poster child, Caroline would be it because she is gaining her weight so well! She is an amazing breastfeeder!!! I asked Dr. Shade about breastfeeding. I had heard that I could let her go one stint of 4-5 hours every night without waking her. Dr. Shade said that since she is back to her birth weight plus so much more that I could let her sleep as long as she will at night as long as I make sure I feed her ever 2-3 hours during that day! I had been worried about affecting my milk supply, but she said everything should be great if I follow these instructions. YAY! I love that I don't have to wake her up at night anymore (not that I had to much anyway)!!! Her head was 14 3/4 in. today. They didn't measure her length. :(

So, that's her first two doctor's appointments. She is doing GREAT! I am so proud of my sweet Caroline!!!