Thursday, August 27, 2009

What I Love About You...4 Weeks

Here is Caroline at 4 weeks old. I can't believe it's been 4 weeks already! (And at the same time, it seems like it's been forever!)

I love...

-to watch you sleep! You are so sweet and you sleep so many different ways.

-your milk drunk look after you eat!

-the way you hold your hands while you eat. So sweet!

-the feel of you sleeping in my arms
-the way you grasp my finger
-to steal all your kisses!
-to listen to you trying to work your voice out, although, sometimes I don't know if you are upset or happy.
-your soft, soft skin
I love you, sweet Caroline!


Carisa said...

She is precious!!! Ladybug has that first outfit and the same Boppy!!!

Thanks for linking up, I loved reading your loves ;)


Erin Emigh Stanford said...


Thank you so much! I noticed you have the same Boppy. I actually saw it on your site and in another friend's pictures and sought that pattern out. I really like it!

Thanks for the idea on the "loves". I am really looking forward to having all of these memories for the future! It's such a neat idea!