Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I Love About You...6 Weeks

Here is Caroline at SIX weeks. I really cannot believe it's been that long! She is such an amazing blessing to us! Thank you, Lord!!!

I Love:
-how you look like a little lobster in your swaddle.
-how you love your swaddle! You sleep well in it!

-how you have started to enjoy your "baths" (you still haven't lost your cord) much more. You don't scream nearly as much as you used to!

Mrs. Tammy, I LOVE my towel! I use it all the time!!!

-how you look so cute in your sleep positioner! This is how I found you this morning. You had slid yourself way down! It wasn't bothering you any either. I had to wake you up to go sign on our house!

-how you play with your Daddy. Although, this picture might freak a few people out. ;) (He's careful, I promise!)

-to watch you with your Daddy. He is such a great Daddy and takes really good care of you! I am so thankful for him!!! (I LOVE this picture!!!)

-your little fat-fat that you have now. You were so skinny when you were born and still are, but you are starting to show a little baby fat now. So cute!

-how you love to just hang out on your changing pad. You just stare at your pretty pink walls and are so happy!

I actually have more pictures, but the memory cards they are on are acting up. I hope to get the pics off soon and I will share ASAP!


Abby said...

Ok, so I'm sure you planned it this way in the world do you make sure you have her in that polk-a-dot outfit and on the polk-a-dot you put that sheet on there just for these picks? Of course I think it's precious!!! Thanks for updating us! I love it!

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

It was totally not intended! I promise!

I just noticed that I even have a polka-dotted blanket on the changing pad as she is sitting on it. How funny! It's the same polka dot b/c both the sheet and the blanket are Carter's. Weird!!!

Angela said...

OK, the picures are cute, but you KNOW I am going to get after David! Just kidding. Sort of.

Love you!

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

Angela - When David did that and I gave him the look, as usual, his response was, "What? I've done it to the Murray kids many times!" I didn't remember that, but I trust him!

Angela said...

Haha! I am sure he has!