Friday, September 25, 2009

What I Love About You...8 Weeks

I Love...

-to listen to you cooing. It's such a sweet, sweet sound!

-watching you smile. You do it so much more frequently now and there's nothing like smiling at you and you smiling back!

-the way that you have stretched out your sleep cycles at night since I cut out caffeine! You slept SEVEN hours in one stretch last night!

-how you are growing bigger every day, but you still fit into MOST of your newborn clothes!

-cuddling & snuggling you up to me tightly and just getting to love on you!

-how you took your first bottle (breast milk) almost two weeks ago (9/13/09) and just SUCKED it down so fast! We couldn't believe how fast you ate it!

-how you are just so sweet when we are out. One of our friends was so surprised to hear you fuss a little bit the other night when we were at her house. She said she hadn't heard you fuss yet! You are such a good baby!

-how I am starting to know what your cries mean. I know you are tired when you start crying suddenly and out of the blue! That usually means you want a nap. ;)

-how sweet you look in all the cute and stylish outfits your Nonna and Aunt Carrie bought for you!

-how it looks like you are eating my hair in this picture. Daddy thought it would be funny to put you on my shoulders. :D

-the ring Daddy bought me in celebration of your birth! Here we are just after your Daddy gave it to me this past Friday.

-how your hair makes a cute little swirl in the back.

-the many weird positions your Daddy puts you in. It's so funny how they make you so happy!

He used your sleep positioner as a back rest to make you sit up in your bassinet here.
It was so cute!

-how you throw your hands and feet in there when you are waking up.

-how you hold your paci better and better each day!

-how your Daddy "set" you up the other day. I love how the second picture looks like you were gut laughing, but you were actually falling over and your Daddy was catching you!

-how you matched your Daddy the other day. We didn't plan it, but you look so cute together!

Your Daddy loves to set you in your Boppy and the other day, you slowly worked your way down to the floor. Of course, as always, you were so cute!

I love you, sweet Caroline! You are the light of my life!
I am so glad you came to be our blessing!