Sunday, October 4, 2009

I finally lost my cord on Saturday!

This past Thursday (10/1), we went to see Dr. Shade about that fact that Caroline had not lost her cord yet. Dr. Shade said that after I messaged her Wednesday, she and some of the other doctors got together to talk about Caroline's cord. They said that it could mean that she has a thyroid problem or also something like "failure to thrive". Well, they checked her newborn screen and it showed that her thyroid was normal. And our little girl is definitely not in the "failure to thrive" category. She nurses wonderfully and is growing great (she was 12 pounds even on Thursday)! So, the only other option was just that she didn't want to let go of her cord (of her Mommy ;) ). So, Dr. Shade put some sort of nitrate on Caroline. It didn't hurt, but 2 days later, on Saturday, she lost her cord.

David had just finished changing her and he went to pick her up. He felt something hard on her back and it turned out that her cord had fallen off and stayed in her gown. I can't believe it is finally gone! Her belly button is just so cute! We are working on getting it clean and are planning a bath for tonight or tomorrow (the doctor told us to wait 2-3 days after she lost it to give her a bath).

So, below is a video and some pictures. We had to commemorate this occasion! It took 9 weeks and 2 days!

*Don't worry about the line around her cord. The doc said it is fine and will wear off.