Thursday, October 8, 2009

What I Love About You...10 Weeks

10 Weeks...WOW!

I Love...

-how you put your hand on your paci to hold it in. I tried to get a good picture, but as soon as the light from the camera came on, you would move your hand.

-your cool sunglasses that the Lawsons gave you. Daddy says you are already learning how to say, "no more pictures, please!" to the paprazzi.

-watching you sleep on your play mat.

-watching you sleep. I just hated to wake you up this day, but it was getting close to bedtime and I was hoping you would actually sleep that night (and you did)!

-this picture of you! It is probably my favorite picture of you that I have taken. You are so gorgeous!

-how you have discovered your hands over the past week or so. It's so neat to watch you munching on them. ;)

-how lady-like you looked in your sleep gown in your bouncer the other day.

-watching BAMA games with you! You already enjoy them so much and we are already teaching you how to say, "Roll Tide Roll"!

-how you love to play on your changing pad. It's amazing to me how much you just enjoy sitting there and talking and playing!

-watching you wake up.

-how big you are getting! This is the last time you will wear this onesie. It's too small for you. :(

-how cute you look sleeping in your swing! You just zonked out this day, but it wasn't long before you woke up. You teased your Momma with sleep alot this day!

I love you, sweet Caroline! I am enjoying you more and more each day. You are amazing!


Carisa said...

Ok, Ladybug has the same pink and brown dress, the same pink flowery onesie, the same sunglasses, AND she also loves to just lay on her changing pad-something my boys could have cared less about!

Thanks for linking up, I am enjoying watching her grow!
;) Carisa

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

Too funny! Our little girls have lots of stuff alike! I really have enjoyed watching ladybug grow to! She's such a cutie!!!