Friday, October 16, 2009

What I Love About You...11 Weeks

11 Weeks!

I Love...

-to watch you play with and grasp your toys on your playmat. You are so cute!

-how you are enjoying your hands now. You are so cute when you bring them to your face and play with them. Of course, it has just increased your "slobber mania"! We call you the "slobber monster"!

-to watch you sleeping. This is you in one of your new Aden & Anais wraps!

-how you stretch your gowns out when we pull them all the way down over your feet. It's just so funny!

-how cute you look with your blanket on you now that it has gotten cold here. You really love it and always smile when I start to lay it on you in your carrier!

-how you make sucking motions in your sleep. It's just so cute!
-to watch you smile at me!
-to watch you smile at your Daddy! You really enjoy him and it makes me so happy to see you two together!
-to watch you play on your changing table and to also play with you. You just love it! It's so funny!

This is how we found you on Tuesday. You had worked your swaddle up over your face. You really scared me, but it apparently didn't faze you in the least.
This is one of Daddy's recently discovered positions for you.
This one is for David's parents. Caroline is watching a DVD they gave her.
Such a cutie!

Here is just a fun video for all!