Thursday, October 29, 2009

What I Love About You...13 Weeks

13 Weeks...
I am actually getting this posted the right day this week!

I Love...

-that I finally got a picture of us. I'm usually the one behind the camera so there aren't that many pictures of you and me. I'm going to try to get better at that!

-how you sleep with your mouth open just like your Mommy! ;)

-how sweet you look when you sleep. I just love it when you hold your hands together like you did in the picture below. You do it all the time!

-to watch you play with your mobile. You really enjoy it some times and then other times you don't want anything to do with it and I never know what you are going to think until I lay you down.

-your new super-cute outfit your Nonna got you!

-your new position your Daddy put you in to sit you up all on your own. He never runs out of ideas!

-how you enjoyed your Bumbo today. You are getting bigger and better at sitting in it.

-watching you try to grab and hold on to your toys on your playmat. It's so much fun!

-watching you play with your Daddy. You were really enjoying him doing this on this day. (Sorry the video is the wrong way. I use my still camera to take the videos and sometimes I forget to not turn the camera like a portrait oriented picture.)