Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is she really old enough??????

Is Caroline really old enough to


I can't believe it, Caroline rolled over today! She is 4 months, 2 days old. I can't believe it's already time for her to rollover! We've been putting her on her stomach, thinking that she would eventually rollover. I did that today and eventually turned her over onto her back and started talking to her. All of the sudden, she just started turning to the side so I ran to get my camera. She did it! She rolled from her back to her front, finally getting that arm out from under her. Honestly, it was just so amazing to see! I videoed her rolling over THREE times and my camera screwed them all up! I was SO mad!!!!!! I finally got my camera working and tried again and she wouldn't rollover. So, to get it on camera, I started her roll for her and she finished it.

This is just after I turned the light on in the room so you could actually see on the video. She stopped trying to rollover in the middle because she was distracted by the light. You can see the beginnings of her rolling over by her position in this video.

This is the 4th time she rolled over. Sorry about the crazy video, I had a few technical difficulties. The next video is better.

This is the video of her 5th rollover. I am so impressed with my little girl! I know all babies eventually do it, but I just can't believe Caroline is big enough for this! She's growing so fast!


Angela said...

Yay Caroline! Yay Mama for getting on video. She is a determined little girl. I wonder where she gets that from? Hmmmm...

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

She truly is just growing so fast! I can see her really trying to crawl too. It won't be long!