Monday, December 7, 2009

What I Love About You...17 Weeks

17 Weeks

November 26, 2009

I Love.....
-watching you grab at your toys. This is one of the days that you started on your back and would have made is all the way over if you could have just figured out what to do with your arm.

-how cute it is when the hook on your paci gets turned up.

-just how amazingly beautiful you are! Your smile is so gorgeous!

-how you love to just throw your legs in the air. I don't know why, but you would much rather have them up than laying flat.

-how you enjoy your Grandpa and Grandma Stanford coming to visit!

-how cute you and your Daddy looked the day you happened to dress alike. So cute!

-watching you sleep!

-seeing you in the outfit we bought you the day we found out your were going to be a girl! "Thank Heaven for Little Girls"!

-how cute you look in your new high chair!

-seeing you "walk". You may just walk before you crawl. ;) You have always loved to stand up.

-how your hands looked like a butterfly one morning when I went to get you up because you had been trying to get them out of your swaddle. So cute!

-how you just love your glowworm that Mommy and Daddy got you! It always calms you down.