Saturday, January 9, 2010

What I Love About You...21 Weeks

21 Weeks
December 24, 2009

I Love....
-how you discovered yourself a new toy....a Zaxby's cup. It's funny how you just love to play with things like paper, boxes and cups instead of your toys. (That happened alot during Christmas week. Those pics are to come.)

-to see what new position I am going to find you in every morning.
The night before this, you started in your positioner with your head to the left and legs to the right. We found you completely out of your positioner and turned 180 degrees the next morning. This is also why you don't sleep in your positioner anymore!
This was your first experience in a hotel crib. You liked sticking your hand in between the railings and making noise playing with them as well.

This is your first night in Mobile for our Chirstmas trip. You did really well while we were there!

-seeing you with my friend, Kelly! She, her husband, Evan, and her son, Owen, came to visit us one evening. It was so good to see them! I can't believe we both have kiddos now!

-how you loved playing with Brandy and Bryant (our families' dogs) while we were in Mobile. I'll have to look for a picture of you and Bryant. This is you "riding" Brandy.

-how you just love your baths. This was your new tub. We had to return it because the screws already started to rust. We couldn't believe it was so soon! Don't worry! Your new one is on order!

-how sweet you were when you met everyone from Daddy's side of the family. You got passed around all night and you just loved it! Here are some pictures with some of them. I didn't get all of them, but here are some.
You and Campbell

You and Fisher

This is the only shot I have of you and Ragan (in the bottom corner). Great Aunt Sue, Greyson and Ronin are in this picture too.

You and Greyson
You, Ronin and Karli

You and Great Uncle Bill
You and Great Aunt Sharon
You and Great Aunt Sue
Everyone really enjoyed getting to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed showing you off! I'm so proud you are my little girl! You are amazing, sweet Caroline!