Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I Love About You...22 Weeks

22 Weeks
December 31, 2009

I Love...

-that you just LOVED hanging out with your family while we were in AL and even meeting some family and friends for the first time. They just loved you!

With Nonna (Mommy's Mom)

By the way, I think you loved paper more than you liked your presents! So funny!

With Poppa (Mommy's Dad)

With Aunt Carrie

With Ella Kate and Morgan (some friends)

With Great Aunt Pam

With Cousin Phillip

With Uncle Josh

With Mr. Toppie Taylor

With Mrs. Carol Taylor

With Elizabeth Taylor (my flower girl) I can't believe how old she is!

With your Cousin, Fisher

With your Cousin, Greyson

With Cousin Nikki

With Papa (Daddy's Grandfather)
With Granny (Daddy's Grandmother)
With your Grammy (Daddy's Mom)
Granny with all the great-grandchildren that were there

-seeing you sleeping so sweetly on Christmas morning. We had a wonderful day with you, but I still hated to wake you up when you were sleeping so well!

-seeing you with your Great-Grandma Lane (Nonna's Mom). This was your first time with her. You are her first great-grandchild and she was just so excited to get to see you and hold you. It was such a special time for us!

I have been looking forward to this photo for a very LONG time! This is FOUR generations of Lane women. LOVE it! I am SO glad you got to meet your Great-Grandma!

-seeing you sitting in your Bumbo during your first Christmas dinner at Poppa and Nonna's house! We had a great time!

-you as my little Christmas present. You look so cute with that little bow on your head.

-to see you grab your feet so you can chew on your toes. It's so cute! You do it all the time!

-to give you your baths. I've said that many times before and it's still true! You are so much fun! You can be SO fussy, but if we put you in your bath, you are so happy!

Campbell helped give you your bath this day. You can see her head in the left side of the picture. She loved it!

-seeing you sit up so well! It was during this trip that you just started sitting up. You gave Mommy no preparation! I was shocked to see how well you were doing. Also, see how cute you look in your Christmas dress!

-this picture of you, Aunt Carrie and me! We had some good time with her this trip and we miss her so much!

-seeing you and your Daddy together. I know I say that all the time, but it really is so amazing. The other day, Daddy had gotten you to sleep and he was standing behind me holding you. I overheard him whisper, "You are so beautiful". Let me tell you, that just melted my heart to hear! I am so thankful for him! He's such a wonderful Daddy!

-how well you did sleeping on our trip home. This is where you slept at your Grammy and Pops' house!

-how you just fell asleep in your Grammy's arms while we were eating breakfast one morning. It was just too cute to see you sitting like that with your thumb in your mouth!

-to watch you as you grow up. I just can't believe that you are sitting up now! You are such an amazing girl! I love you!

-amazing, you! Caroline, I cannot imagine life without you! You are my precious, wonderful and amazing little girl! I love you so much! We are so blessed to have you!