Saturday, February 6, 2010

What I Love About You...24 Weeks

24 Weeks
January 14, 2010

I love....
-watching you play and playing with you. You really laugh hard at many things now and you get Mommy and Daddy laughing too! You are such a happy baby and we have so much fun!

Caroline says, "I will win this staring contest!"

-seeing how big you are getting! You act like you have been sitting up your whole life and you only started a couple of weeks before this picture was taken!

-seeing you use your teething toys that we have had for you for a while, but you weren't interested in them until now.

-how you look like you are so ready to eat that chocolate, but it will be a WHILE before you have any!

-LOVE, LOVE holding you while you are sleeping! You just melt my heart and I feel like you melt into my arms when you fall asleep in them!

-watching you try to catch the light from Daddy's headlamp. You just couldn't figure out why the light kept moving on you!

Too cute!

-you loving on me! You are such a sweet, good baby!

-watching you surrounded by the many toys you have. You defitnitely aren't hurting for entertainment!

-watching you play with your spoon we bought you. You LOVE chewing on this spoon!

-how you sink into the hole by Daddy while sitting by him and playing. You look too cute all sucked in there.

-how stinkin' cute you are!

-how you love your baths! You really love taking a bath. I can never say that enough! This is your new Primo Eurobath that your Grammy and Pops got you. I love this bath because it is made for you to be able to sit up easily and it saves on water too. ;) If I had had it when you were a tiny baby, I could have used it then too. It's very versatile!


Diane said...

Thanks so much honey for being faithful to post on your blog, WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!! You are just soooo talented!

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

I am so glad you enjoy it! It makes it worth it when I hear that people are looking and enjoying. Keep commenting! ;)