Thursday, March 4, 2010

What I Love About You...26 Weeks

26 Weeks

January 28, 2010

There were so many cute pictures from our photo session this week that I couldn't pick just one for her first picture on here! I hope you enjoy!

This week, Caroline was enjoying sticking out her tongue and making a funny movement with her mouth. I have video of it, but haven't loaded it to the computer yet and I left my camera in Wake Forest on Satuday. I'll have to load the video later. It's so funny!!!

I Love...

-how you still LOVE your "swaddle". We don't swaddle your arms in anymore since you sleep on your stomach now. This is the sweet face I get to peer over the crib to in the morning. As soon as you see me, you give me a huge smile!

-watching you lounging on my bed after playing with some toys for a while. I guess you just got tuckered out!

-that you are so happy to sit with a bunch of toys around you and play for a while, while I get some things done.

-the fun we had at Graycen and MaryEvelyn's skating birthday party. Mommy and Daddy both skated which is something neither of us has done in a long time. We did really well!

-how you do your best to get the camera from me when I am taking pictures of you. You are so curious about what it is that Mommy holds up 24/7!

-taking walks with you and you in your super cute sunglasses! You just love to play with spoons at this stage! I bought this one for you so you could specifically chew on it.

-you playing and hanging out with your friends. You just love everyone!

-watching and listening to Daddy read to you. You love it when he reads to you! It doesn't matter what he is reading! You love it!

-that you are such a good baby! You are so easy-going and will just play and let me get things done if I need to! You are so much fun to play with as well! You just crack me up all the time.

-how you are trying to crawl around, but still aren't getting it quite yet. We think you might be one of those babies that skips crawling for walking instead.

-you hanging out with your daddy. You light up and get so excited when he enters the room! It just melts my heart!

-just how much fun you are! I'm guessing by the last picture, you must think you are ready for driving already. I don't think so!!! ;)


Abby said...

Ok, the little bow in her hair is TOO stinkin' cute!!!

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

Thanks, girl! I love it too!