Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I Love About You...37 Weeks

37 Weeks
April 15, 2010

-your sweet face in this picture! This is your Granny's mirror in the mountains. You enjoyed looking in it as you always do in mirrors!

-hanging out in the mountains with you. You enjoyed your time in your Granny & Papa's mountain house when we went to visit your Aunt Carrie! We got to see your Poppa, Nonna, Grammy & Pops for a little while too! Most everyone got to feed you and that's what most of my pictures are from this trip.

-you enjoying your bubbles your Grammy & Pops gave you in your Easter Basket. You thought they were so much fun!

-your sweet, little feet!

-your really funny faces!

-getting pictures of the three of us, but I rarely get them. This week, we got several!!!

-being at the beach with you. We went to the beach while your Grammy & Pops were visiting. You really didn't know what to do with the sand at first, but you eventually enjoyed playing in it.

I love this sweet picture of all our feet in the sand. Your Daddy & I took one many years ago when we were dating, so I had to have one of all of us!

You and Daddy running from the waves.

This is the first time your feet were in the ocean. You didn't like it very much, but I am sure that's because it was very cold.

Here you are playing with some shells we found.

Your Grammy finally got you to sleep while we were out there and you fell asleep holding this shell. Too cute!

-watching you "read". You love to "read" your books!
This is you watching your "baby crack". We call it that because as soon as we turn it on, you zone in on it and almost never look away. You don't watch it much, but when you do, you love it!

-seeing you love on your Daddy. You are such a sweet girl!

Here is a video of you when you were just figuring out how to play with your gumball machine. It's one of your favorite things to play with!

Here is a cute video of you making a funny sound. I think you got it from when I was sick and kept clearing my throat. You are too cute!