Saturday, June 5, 2010

What I Love About You...39 Weeks

39 Weeks

April 29, 2010

I love...

-how mobile you are getting these days. This is when you crawled into the kitchen from the living room. You are crawling all over the place now.

-how you LOVE yogurt! It's very good for you! You also like to play with the containers. I think you are trying to find more, but it's always gone.

-your cute little naked self! This is what happens when it's time for bed and you are flipping around trying to get to all the things on the dresser.

-seeing you just chillin' on my bed with my hairbrush. It looks like you are practicing to play the guitar in the future. You are such a fun girl!

-playing "Where's Caroline?" with you. It's so much fun! You kept putting your outfit over your face and I would say, "Where's Caroline?" and you would lower it and look at me and we would do this over and over. We do this all the time! You love it and laugh so much! There is a video of this below.

Here is a link to a really cute video of Caroline that wouldn't load on here so it is on youtube. She loves to play with a gumball machine she has and this video is the first time she figured out how to put the gumballs back in. She is getting to be a big girl and is learning so many new things every day!