Friday, August 27, 2010

What I Love About You...47 Weeks

47 Weeks
June 24, 2010

I Love...
-seeing you with your cousin, Bryant. You were SO shy of him at first. Now you LOVE to play with him!

-holding, playing and laughing with you. You are amazing, sweet baby girl!

-you getting to see your Great-Grandma while we were in Mobile. She lit up when you and I walked in the room. She loved seeing you. This was the last time we saw her. She passed away about a month later. She was such an amazing, precious woman. I miss her so very much! I wish you could have known her more.

-your enthusiasm to play with anything new. You are so intrigued by anything and everything.

-the mess you left with Nonna after sitting with her a while and playing with almost everything in your toy bag. You had alot of fun with her that afternoon!

-seeing you with your Poppa! He loves it when you go to visit him and you have alot of fun with him as well!

-how amazing a baby you are. Even when you get hurt, you recover quickly. You can see the mark on your right cheek in this picture. You fell and hit your cheek on the coffee table at Nonna & Poppa's and after the initial hurt was over, you acted like it didn't bother you again. Even when you get shots, you cry for a few seconds, but once I pick you up, you stop. You are such a good baby!

-how much you love your Aunt Carrie. You love to play with her!

-your crazy hair! It's so cute!

-how you took over Bryant's bed. You claimed it for your own one afternoon.

Here is when you first started cruising around furniture. This is at Nonna & Poppa's.