Sunday, April 10, 2011

14 Months Old ~ September 30, 2010

Photos from Caroline's 14th month!

Learning to walk!

Caroline loves to read!

Fun with sweet friends!

This is my sweet, little OCD child.

She was taking these rocks and separating them into piles of the same size rocks.

Caroline LOVES her books!

Pictures from Caroline's first BAMA game!

We went to the Alabama vs. Duke game on September 18. Of course, we won!

First McDonald's and she shared with Nonna!

Nonna and Caroline had to take a break from the IMMENSE sun to cool down and have some dinner.

It was 62 to 13 when we left. I don't remember the final score.

Caroline and Poppa - she loved the ride!

It was an exhausting day! This baby zonked on the way home!!!

Fun with Poppa!

Caroline's first playgroup at DEPC. She LOVES it!

This was also her first experience with dot paint. I was SUPER nervous, but she had fun!

Another one of Caroline's favorite things:

playing with the dirty clothes and IN the laundry basket.

Caroline BEGGED to go outside to play in the rain so, we did. She LOVED it! She kept trying to walk out into the yard, but every time she walked under the run-off from the house, she would stop, frozen and cry. I couldn't get her to understand that if she would keep walking, she would no longer have the hard rain on her head. She was so cute!

This is after I got her in out of the rain and she really wanted to go back out!

A fun day at Sunset Park

She LOVES this toy at playgroup!

Caroline loves to play in the bath. It's one of her favorite things. Her is a video of her playing!