Saturday, April 16, 2011

NC Zoo with Grammy & Pops

October 16, 2010

David's parents came for a visit and we all went to the NC Zoo in Asheboro. Caroline had a great time seeing all the animals. We saw giraffes, zebras, elephants, apes, raccoons, bears, ducks, walruses, alligators and many more. I think Caroline's favorite was the bear. More on that later.

Watching the giraffes. They wouldn't come over so we could feed them, but they are beautiful creatures!

Pops & Caroline with an elephant in the background (elephants are one of our favorites!)

Grammy & Caroline - time for some milk & yummy pizza!

Caroline was NOT a fan of the carousel animals. She cried every time we tried to put her on one so we settled on sitting together on one of the benches.

Caroline's favorite: the bears! Caroline's favorite book is The Very Cranky Bear. When we approached the bear habitat, I said, "Look, Caroline, it's the very cranky bear!' She got very excited and pointed at them and just loved the bears!

What a great day! October is the best time to tour the NC Zoo. We had perfect weather!

Here is Caroline with Grammy & Pops at the entrance to the zoo.