Thursday, June 2, 2011

19 Months Old ~ February 28, 2011

Photos from Caroline's 19 Month

Caroline got a new outside slide/play place from Mommy's parents for Christmas. David and Caroline worked together to get it ready for play! She loved helping her Daddy!

All done and so excited!

Caroline got into the packs of plastic cups in the bottom of the pantry.

You certainly can't get upset at that face!

"What Mom? It's fun in here!"

We have had some beautiful snows this season! Here is Caroline LONGING to go outside in the snow! We didn't go immediately, but went later.

As a distraction from the fact that we weren't going out in the snow just yet, Caroline got to watch "White Christmas". She loved this scene in the movie and here is a video of her enjoying it.

Finally out in the snow!

Gotta love this cuteness!

Our friends, Evan, Kelly and Owen came to visit one night. Caroline loved Owen as you can plainly see in these photos. She couldn't get enough of him.

These pictures are a little scary of what the future might hold!

Here is Caroline enjoying the balloons that we got and blew up for her for Valentine's Day. She loved playing with them! She also got a frog balloon that said "I love you". Here is a video of her enjoying hitting it around.

We do family devotions every night before bedtime. As a part of that, we pull out the hymnal and sing hymns. I came up front one day and found Caroline with the hymn book. She really loves our singing time!

Fun at the playground in our neighborhood!

Here is another video of Caroline that is just hysterical! She discovered this solely on her own. She likes to play with credit card type things. In this case, she was playing with a hotel key card. She figured out how to pick it up with her foot and thought it was the best thing ever. She's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Temarie said...

Great pictures! As her pink shirt says, she is a "cutie"!

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

Thanks, Temarie! We think so too! ;)