Sunday, June 19, 2011

20 Months Old ~ March 30, 2011

Photos from Caroline's 20th Month

HERE is a video of my little dancer. I've mentioned before that Caroline loves to dance, but this video shows some unique aspects of her dancing. One is that you will see that she can't stand to not have us all dancing with her (you'll see her point for me to come dance on the blanket). The other thing and the main thing that is so funny about this video is towards the end where she almost falls over because she has made herself so dizzy! It's too cute.

These first 2 photos are Caroline in her duck towel that I made before she was even a thought in our brains. I did this in a sewing class I was taking. I enjoyed it so much and Caroline loves this towel! She loves to be a duck at the end of her baths!

I really don't need any toys for Caroline, apparently all I need is to give her her cups and tops to play with. She loves to pretend like she is filling them up and drinking them.

Caroline with Grammy (David's Mom). This is the only picture I have from their visit except for the pics from Marbles Kids Museum (see the previous post).

Like I said, no toys needed.

The church does an annual ice skating trip with the kids. They don't have skates small enough for Caroline so she wasn't able to skate, but she really wished she could. Here are a couple of pictures of her enjoying the ice!

LOVE pictures of my baby sleeping!

So, this actually is something that Caroline is not allowed to do, but when I came into the living room after being in the back of the house, I thought she was so cute watching TV like this, I had to take a picture!

MOST of the time, I love going and seeking out what Caroline is doing. This was one of those moments. She's sitting in the closet reading her new books.

***I have to make a huge point here. If you notice, up until this point, Caroline's hair has been mostly straight. She had a little curl at the bottom, but now it is all over her head. It was literally like one day she woke up with curls ALL over her head. It's gorgeous! It still amazes me that one day it was straight and the next, curly. I love your curls, sweet girl!***

David's grandparents came to visit this month and Caroline LOVED getting to play with them! It is such a blessing to have them in our lives and in Caroline's life. They have always been so amazing to us and are such a blessing. Here are some pictures from their visit!

Caroline REALLY loves her Papa!

Another "seek and find" moment with Caroline. She was in our closet this time with the broom. Who knows why, but she thought it was fun!

One of Caroline's friends, Micah, came for visit. They had a blast!

This girl already loves to cook with her Mommy! I often let her help me scramble the eggs in the morning. She thinks it's the best and *most* of the time, she keeps them in the bowl.

She loves books (and being practically naked), but what kid doesn't enjoy that, right?

Visiting and eating with some of our closest friends, the Murrays.

They love on Caroline and she loves them!