Thursday, July 14, 2011

22 Months Old ~ May 30, 2011

Photos from Caroline's 22nd Month

Caroline dug in her bag and found her extra set of clothes and decided to try to put them on herself. She's not too bad at it. My big girl!

Wearing Mommy's shoes

Caroline reading to her Minnie. She loves her so much!

We decided to put my wedding dress on. It was fun! Caroline loved hiding under it!

Loving some snuggle time with Daddy!

Mother's Day picture with my TWO girls!

My mother's day dinner: steak, rice casserole, fried corn and bread along with some homemade strawberry cake...YUM!

Caroline got this out of her bag...she sure knows what to do with it.

Hanging out in bed with Daddy playing with her Easter basket.

My sleeping baby. She really does very well in her new bed!

She likes reading in her bed too.

First time in her new swimming pool. She loves it! She was having fun in her pool while Daddy was doing landscaping. He was jealous!

"Painting" for the first time except there is no paint, only water.

I love to watch my sleeping baby! She rarely falls asleep in the car these days and if she does, she wakes up when we stop. She must've been exhausted this day!

So ready to swim!

First time eating a banana whole

Loving some M&Ms

More of my sweet, sleeping baby! I just love to watch her sleep!

All dolled up

Mommy getting to enjoy some snuggle time with her 2 girls!

Here are a couple of fun videos:

This is a video of Caroline enjoying her Big Al doll that her Aunt Carrie gave her. She loves to dance to it while it sings. I guess we are training her right!

After bath, Caroline loves to "be a duck". She likes to put on her duck towel I made for her and sing "Six Little Ducks". It is so cute to see! I hope you enjoy this video!