Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Sweet Baby Shower for Abigail

July 23, 2011

My sweet friend, Maday Prieto, wanted to throw me a baby shower for Abigail. I was so excited! It was this past Saturday and we had a great time of devotion, fellowship, food, games and presents!

A little brunch food made by Maday. It was so yummy!

Notice the petit fours my friend, Angela, made for the shower with Abigail's monogram.

Maday giving the devotion.


I love mongrammed things!

Little Sister/Big Sister shirts from Jamie Henry. So exciting!!!

Graycen looking at the blog book I made of Caroline's first year.

It turned out so good, all 377 pages of it!

I LOVE the smell of Pampers Swaddlers!!!!

Me and Angela

Me, Angela, Graycen, MaryEvelyn and Ella

Me and Maday

Maday, thank you for making this such a special morning. I am so thankful to have such a sweet friend like you!

All the ladies at the shower predicted when Abigail would arrive. At the moment I am editing this blog post, it is August 1st. We have officially passed all the dates predicted, so I guess Rosie is the winner!