Saturday, November 5, 2011

Abigail is 3 Months Old

Abigail is still a great sleeper!  She goes back to sleep about 1.5 hours after she wakes up during the day.  I am still feeding her once in the night most nights, but every once in a while, she doesn't wake for a feeding at all. 

She smiles all the time and I caught a few smiles in these pictures!

She is really starting to notice and grab at things so much more. 

She loves to see our faces and instantly calms down when she sees our faces when we come to get her after a nap.

She loves her big sister.  She loves it when Caroline sits and plays with her.

She enjoys when you sing to her, but you can't get too loud because she doesn't like it and often cries.

She is such a joy and we can even get a few giggles out of her now and then.

Abigail, I am so blessed to be your Mommy!  You light up my life each and every day and I am so glad the Lord blessed me with you as my daughter!  I love you!!!