Friday, November 11, 2011

What we did on 11/11/11

David's parents came into town EARLY this morning for a visit and we decided to head to Raleigh for the day.
We started with eating at The Pit

David had heard that they had a new interactive exhibit that he thought Caroline might enjoy. 
We headed back to Rocky Mount after that and ate at a local restaurant, La Mama's Pizza and on to the new Pit Stoppe frozen yogurt shop which we LOVE!

We had a GREAT day and here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!

This tree was apparently very interesting to Abigail.  She just kept staring at it.

Caroline enjoying experiencing the exhibits hand-on!

The Pirate's Treasure Chest

She LOVED the eggs, but they were "stuck"!

Pops & Abigail

She loved pushing these buttons.  There was a train that "performed" when you pushed the buttons and she wanted to push it over and over.

Oh no!  A turpentine spill!  Caroline did not want to get near it.  My girl is definitely a girlie girl!  We finally convinced her that it was fine.  She kept saying, "a mess, a mess!"

I liked this sign ;)

Turning the wheel for furniture making

Grammy & Abigail

Caroline just loved these leaves!  I think I got a few really good pictures of Pops & Caroline playing in the leaves!

This is what the back of the car looked like on the way home.  You can't see her, but Abigail joined in this group as well. 

HERE is a video Caroline is going to love me for later.  She has been a little sick and was snoring so loudly that I had to video it!