Saturday, February 25, 2012

30 Months and 6 Months...My babies are getting so big!

Caroline is now 30 months old and Abigail is now 6 months old

They are amazing little girls and I am so amazingly blessed to be their Mommy!
I did a little photo shoot to document my girls in our yard.  It was a fun time, but VERY windy!

Here is one of the pictures I got when the wind was gusting.  I love the look on Abigail's face!

Here is my sweet Abigail.  She started sitting up on her own this month. 
Also, she just looks at her big sister so endearingly.  A huge smile comes across her face every time she wakes up and sees her!  It just makes my heart so happy!


Here is my amazing Caroline.  She is so smart and is getting so big!
She is such a great big sister and you can tell that she really loves her Abigail SO much!


Abigail couldn't get enough of the flowers all around her.

My two girls together.  I can't believe I got such a good shot of both of them!

You can just see their love for each other!

Caroline just kept loving on Abigail the whole time as she always does!