Friday, August 19, 2011

Abigail is TWO weeks old

August 19, 2011 ~ 2 weeks old

Pictures from this past week:

Nonna is still here for me to snuggle with!

A little sponge bath - not too happy!

I had been so worried that Abigail wasn't eating and gaining enough because she never ate for very long. 
Abigail is 9 days old in this picture and already back up to her birth weight!
Turns out I had no reason to worry after all.  Abigail was just a really good eater!

Sweet snuggles!

My sweet family!  I love these cuties!

Abigail's cord was just barely hanging on at her appointment this week, so Dr. Shade sautered the rest off.
She was exactly 2 weeks old - much younger than her sister who took 2 months to lose her's!

Mrs. Melanie Wilder came to see you!