Saturday, November 15, 2008

ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!

This is a bit late, but oh well!!!! David and I went with my parents to the BAMA vs. Ole Miss game on October 18th. We had a blast! We won 24 to 20 and truly had a great time! Roll Tide! Here are some pics.

My parents eating our marvelous pulled pork sandwiches! (Dad, I think we should go back to the same place next time we are there. They were so good!)
Mommy and her sandwich.
The Biggest, Best Pulled Pork Sandwich EVER!

Me and David. First time we had seen each other in 10 days. We were so excited to see each other!!!

Pre-game warm up

The Million Dollar Band before the game

The team coming out from the locker room ready for the game

Nick Saban leading the pack!

The team coming out on the field ready for the game!

After first touchdown. You can see the ball in the air being kicked for the extra point.
The Million Dollar Band at half time
I had just said to my mom that I really wished they would face us for once and they did!
It was AWESOME!!!
Final Score! Roll Tide!