Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I Love About You...20 Weeks

20 Weeks

December 17, 2009

I Love...

-your new "Baby's First Christmas 2009" bell ornament we found at Target. It's very special because the Christmas before we got married, David and I exchanged ornaments. The ornament I gave David was actually a set of 2. It is one bride and one groom bell. We were so excited to find you a matching bell for our tree! This is just one of many baby ornaments on our tree!

-how you so sweetly cross your legs while you are breasfeeding.

-just playing with you. You are such a fun baby to play with! I can't wait to see how your personality continues to develop!

-that we got to put your first presents from us under the tree this year! I was so excited when I got them finished and placed them under the tree! Notice the picture of the tag that says "To Caroline, From Mommy and Daddy"!!!!!!!!

-to watch you sleep. Of course, you know that by now, but I still love it so much!

-to give you your baths. We tried a bath in your bumbo in preparation for our trip to Alabama and you liked it too! It's also the first time you played with any toys in your bath. You really enjoyed that!

-how it seemed as if you were going for your presents the other day. You started on your play mat and scooted yourself towards the presents. Too bad you had to wait 8 more days to open them!