Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I Love About You...28 Weeks

28 Weeks
February 11, 2010

-watching you just hanging out with your Daddy while he is reading you his books and Mommy is trying to get something accomplished. You are just too cute and just love the sound of your Daddy's voice!

-that I got to feed you your first solid food on Feb. 5th. You took to it as if you had been doing it your whole life. Notice in the second picture how you were leaning in to eat it. I couldn't get it in your mouth fast enough!

-YOU! You are just beautiful and so amazing!

-how smart you already are. You love to "read" Daddy's books. ;)

-your absolutely GORGEOUS eyes! I just can't get enough!

-how much you love sitting on our shoulders. You could be so upset, and we'll put you on our shoulders and you will start laughing!

-your cool self. So funny!

-watching you sleep. This is after a very busy day visiting the Murrays and getting your 6 month pictures taken! You were worn out! (That's also the "leave me alone, I'm sleeping" face.) ;)

-your cute, little feet and how you just love them too! You are always bringing them up in your face and playing with them. I love those sweet, little feet!

-that you are such a HAM! Your crazy smiles, laughs and the joy you emit every day are amazing! I am so thankful for you!

-the "I'm going to get that camera if it's the last thing I do" look on your face you have here. You look very intent on getting my camera from me.

-how tiny you look in your big crib. You are too sweet!

-that you are such a good baby! I say that all the time, but it is so true! Everyone always comments about how sweet and smiley you always are. It is such a blessing!