Monday, April 19, 2010

What I Love About You...31 Weeks

31 Weeks

March 4, 2010

I Love...
-watching you hang out with your Aunt Carrie. This is a piano she bought for you. You love it!

-your fun and funky positions you have to be in all the time. You are too cute!

This is the first time Aunt Carrie fed you. You were very good for her and really enjoyed her feeding you.

-how you love to stand up. It's one of your favorite things to do. Of course, we have to be right by to hold you or catch you if you are holding onto something else.

-seeing you with my Mom, your Nonna. This is the only picture I have from her last visit. :( She did much better taking pictures that time than I did.

-how good you were about eating spinach ~ YUCK! You were very good about eating it, but it upset your tummy so we quit giving it to you.

We gave you cereal to help balance it out.

-how Daddy tried to put you in your carseat the wrong way and you loved it! You love being in fun positions.

-how your face lights up when you see your gloworm. You love it!

-you sweet, amazing smile! I love you!

Here is a video from this week. Caroline's such a cutie!