Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My First Mother's Day and Caroline's Dedication

This post is going to be very out of order because I am still trying to catch up on Caroline's weekly posts, but I wanted to post about my First Mother's Day with Caroline.

Mother's Day was so wonderful! I am so glad that this day has finally arrived for me! It is such an amazing thing to be a mother and to be Caroline's mother! She is so wonderful and sweet!

For Mother's Day weekend, my parents and David's grandparents, parents and brother all came up to be with us so we could celebrate Caroline's dedication! We had a wonderful weekend visiting with everyone! On Saturday, we went to the hotel where the Stanfords were staying and enjoyed the pool there. It was Caroline's first time in a pool and she absolutely LOVED it!

On Sunday, it was Mother’s Day and time for Caroline’s dedication. Many people don’t really understand what it means to dedicate your child to the Lord, so here is an explanation: Dedication is not so much about Caroline as it is about us as parents and our church. It is a commitment by us to recognize that Caroline is a gift from God that He can use as He wills, and that we as parents will raise Caroline in the fear and the admonition of the Lord and that the Church will provide an environment where she can grow in the knowledge of Christ.

The dedication service was wonderful. We all went back to our house for a steak lunch after the dedication. It was very good!

I have to say that it is so much fun being a Mommy! I love my sweet Caroline and am so happy she is in our lives!

Here are pictures from Caroline's first time in the pool!

Here are some pictures from the dedication.
When I look at this picture, I can just hear my thoughts:
"It's finally my turn! I'm finally a mom!"

Caroline enjoying her first Bible!

David's Papa, David's brother (Josh), David's Granny, David and Caroline

Papa, Josh, Granny, David, Caroline & me

Me, Caroline & Granny

My Dad (Curtis), My Mom (Diane), Caroline, me and David

Josh, David's Mom (June), David's Dad (Steve), Caroline, me & David

This is later on that afternoon. We were exhausted!