Thursday, May 27, 2010

What I Love About You...35 Weeks

35 Weeks
April 1, 2010

My China Doll, as everyone calls her

I LOVE....
-your funky sleeping positions. I really can't believe that you can sleep comfortably with your leg under you like this!

-seeing you with your "Heaven Sent" teddy bear Daddy and I bought you the day we found out you were a GIRL! See here. You, little girl, really are sent from heaven!

-walking to your room after your naps and finding you in a new and different position all the time. You were sticking your feet through the slats of your bed this time. You are so cute!

-how you reacted when I gave you Gerber puffs for the first time. *If you missed seeing the entire post about this funny day, go here.

-seeing you looking at yourself in the table. You LOVE to look at yourself! Usually it's in the mirror, but I thought this picture was interesting of you looking at yourself in the table. You are a cutie!!! Annagail Murray used to do this at our table when she was about your age. There are pictures of her later.

-how you love your time with the Murray children! Their parents are our best friends. They all think of you as the 6th child in their family. They love you so much and prayed for you every day from the time they found out you were in my womb. Each and every one of them, all SEVEN, are SO special that I just can't even explain it! The Lord brought us together at exactly the time when we needed them. I am SO thankful for them! You already love spending time with them and I am so excited about that!

Annagail loving on you

Ella Carolyne

-how you put the remote to your head & sometimes hit your head with it too. I don't know why you do it, maybe you are mimicking us with our phones, but it is too cute!

-how you empty your toy basket out and play with all the toys. I just find it too cute to watch you meticulously pick through them all.

-seeing you standing, holding on to the coffee table. I was beginning to think you might walk before you crawled, but as you will see later in this post, you definitely crawled first!

-feeding you yogurt. You LOVE your yogurt! This is the first time we gave it to you. The first couple of bites, you made a little funny face, but after that, you were in love!

-how happy you are! You are such a happy baby! I am such a blessed Mommy!

-That I got many good kisses this day. You looked like you were eating me though!

Here is the video to go along with the picture:

The video below is the first time Caroline really crawled. She is such a big girl and I just can't believe it is already time for her to crawl!!!!!