Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9 Months Old

Caroline turned 9 months old on April 30th. My friend, Angela Murray, took her 9 month photos. There are 2 below. They are the only ones I have so far, but she will be adding the rest to her photo site soon. If you click on her name above, you can go there.

Caroline is such a treasure. She is getting around so well now and is even trying to walk quite a bit. She still loves for me to hold her and I am trying to treasure every minute of that. She still just has 2 teeth and they haven't come in all the way yet. She loves to eat solid foods. I really think her favorite is zucchini. She still loves to pull all of the toys out of the toy bin when she can get to it. She is just amazingly beautiful. I know I am very partial, but she really is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!