Thursday, May 26, 2011

18 Months Old ~ January 30, 2011

Photos from Caroline's 18th Month

One of Caroline's Christmas presents was a water toy that she loves! She has to have it at every bath now. Here is a picture and video.

Caroline's Aunt Carrie (Mommy's sister) went to Disney World this month. On the 21st, Caroline got a surprise in the mail from her Aunt Carrie! It's a Dumbo! Caroline loves it!

Caroline loving on Dumbo!

Caroline and Daddy ~ I love this picture!

One of the first toys David and I bought Caroline is her gloworm. She has always loved it! When she was little, we could always use it to calm her down. Here is a picture and video evidence of just how much she loves it even today!

Caroline LOVES to dance! She asks all the time for us to turn her music on. My favorite part is she has a blanket that has become her dance floor. We HAVE to lay the blanket out for her to dance on or she won't dance. Here and here are a couple of cute videos. She was a little camera shy with both of these, but you can at least get a little taste of her love of dancing.

Caroline has a toy MP3 player with kids songs on it. I have 2 videos of her enjoying it.

The second is "If You're Happy and You Know It". Caroline enjoys doing the hand motions to this song too. Our favorite is in the "and your face will surely show it" part. When you are supposed to point to your face, she points to her neck. Too cute!