Saturday, May 21, 2011

17 Months Old ~ December 30, 2010

Pictures from Caroline's 17th Month

Caroline sure knows what to do with keys, exept she always tries to unlock the wrong part of the door! Here is a cute video.

This was Caroline's first year where she was really aware of the Christmas decorations going up. It is our tradition that we always watch "White Christmas" while we decorate the house. As you can see in the following 2 pictures, Caroline loved it! She enjoyed helping decorate too.

We did our own little photography session for our Christmas pictures this year and this is how it started:

She didn't want to sit in the rocker, so we got her bear and a little lovin' to calm her down and we took the pictures with her standing up.

On December 4th, it snowed in Rocky Mount. It was beautiful! Here we are out in the snow. Caroline loved it! Here is a video a little bit later out our kitchen window of the beautiful snow!

One of Caroline's favorite toys: the collander.