Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Christmas Trip 2010

December 17 - 31, 2010

"Rock, Rock" - Caroline loves to get in any kind of rocker and rock. Click here to see a video.
Here she is sitting with her Teddy that she loves to have us swaddle like a little baby.

Caroline loves to help us vacuum the floors.

Let's hope this love continues into the teenage years!

This is Caroline with her Papa (David's grandfather). This child LOVES her Papa. We were sitting down at a restaurant and he came in and she wanted to go straight to him. So sweet!

Here we are at Bellingrath Gardens in our hometown. They do a "Magic Christmas in Lights" every year and it is such a magical thing to go to. It holds great memories for us and this was Caroline's first year. She loved it! Bellingrath is also where David and I got engaged! It wasn't at "Magic Christmas in Lights", but it sure was magical!

Caroline with her Poppa (Erin's Dad). I don't think she was feeling well this day, so she got the privilege of sitting with Poppa to eat! I bet she thought she was hot stuff!

"'Twas the Night Before Christmas" - It is a tradition in the Stanford house for Papa to read this on Christmas Eve. Here are 7 of the 10 great-grandchildren with Papa on Christmas Eve this year.

Present Time! This was Caroline's second Christmas and her first to really get into opening gifts. She loved it!

With Grammy, David's Mom

This is one of the recordable story books Caroline got this year. This one is called "The Very First Christmas" and it is from Poppa & Nonna (Erin's parents). She loves them! She also got one from Pops & Grammy (Frosty the Snowman) & one from Papa & Granny ('Twas the Night Before Christmas). Here is a video of Caroline reading the first one with her Aunt Carrie. She loved to push the buttons!

One of Caroline's new favorite things is playing the piano at Poppa & Nonna's house. She has so much fun and is so cute doing it! Here is a video of her "playing".

Here Mommy is with her sister and Mom. So much fun to get a picture of us girls!

Daddy, Mommy & Caroline (and little unborn baby) at church on Dec. 26th.

This time with Pops & Grammy

Josh's brother will be getting married in Sept. 2011 and his fiance's birthday was while we were at home. We all went out to eat for her birthday to a hibatchi grill place where they do everything in front of you. Caroline was a little scared at first when the flames flared up, but she soon began to love it. Here is a video of her enjoying the chef flipping pieces of food to everyone. At one point, you can here her laughing, but for some reason, I don't have the camera on her at that point.

At this point I HAVE to mention something that happened at the hibatchi grill. It is a story I will NEVER forget! We were all standing around waiting on our table, when a woman we did not know came out of the bathroom. Low and behold, my "never met a stranger" child walked up to her, arms held high. Since it was such a controlled situation, we let her pick her up, but it was quite scary thinking Caroline might just go up to anyone! I am going to have to keep a close eye on this one!

I have one last video to share. You have to see this one! "Good Old Noah Built an Ark" (to the the tune of "Old MacDonald") is one of Caroline's favorite books ever. She loves to have her Pops read it to her constantly. Over Christmas I captured a video of her singing with him some. Enjoy!