Monday, July 11, 2011

21 Months Old ~ April 30, 2010

Photos from Caroline's 21st Month

Caroline loves coloring with her Daddy!

Caroline had a blast playing basketball with her Daddy. She was so proud of herself for getting the ball in her hamper. Here is a video of all the excitement!

Caroline loves playing on our church's playground.

She has just amazed us at how she will do the whole length of it all.

I've been trying to capture it on video for a while now and finally got it.

It took a little coaxing and here it is.

Here is Caroline playing with her golf set.

I think she is practicing to golf with her Poppa one day.

Here is a video of her practicing.

This is our lovely set-up for the tornado warning that we received while David was away at a campout. It was definitely NO fun, but we were blessed to not have the tornado come close to us.

My cuties...LOVE this!

Caroline admiring herself in her Easter dress.

My cutie in her Easter dress

Family Easter Picture!

Caroline loves to go feed the ducks so we went as a family to enjoy them again.

She is so cute with them!

Fun in the attic. She thought she was the coolest being able to go up with Daddy.

We've been trying to train Caroline to use a blanket before we transition her to her big girl bed and this is how I found her one day. From the perspective of the door, I thought she was completely covered.

Family Movie Night

We watched a Mickey movie and ate pizza in the living room. Caroline loved all the special fun!

She loves pizza!

Our neighbor's son, Noah, has this John Deere tractor and he let Caroline ride it one day.

She had a blast! I was amazed at how well she could drive it.

She had never gotten on one of these before this day.

Caroline and Noah enjoying their lawn mowers