Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Visit from Grammy & Pops

David's parents visited during April as well.

They brought Caroline a Spring Basket and she loved it! We, of course, rationed the candy. She loves getting to pick an egg every once in a while and eat the goodies inside!

Caroline loves to play in Grammy & Pops' car. She has an inflatable ring on her head. I thought it was too cute!

Decorating an Easter egg at the Easter party at our church

Cookie Decorating

Yay! Finally time to eat!

Listening to Daddy talk about Easter

Caroline absolutely LOVED hunting eggs! She was an expert. Her basket was filled by the end!

Family Picture

Loving the candy!

This is Caroline's friend, Lily. These two girls REALLY love each other!

Here is a video of Caroline swinging. This is one of her absolutely favorite things to do! She heads straight for the playground at church as soon as she sees it.