Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I am so blessed to call these 2 beauties my daughters and I had a wonderful Mother's Day!
Here is my present that Caroline AND Abigail both helped wrap.

Now, helping me unwrap it.

They got me a Bible cover for my Bible that I have had since 1997, one year after I came to know the Lord.  We had it rebound the year we got married (2005) because it was in such bad shape and it's starting to fall apart again.  I can't keep getting it rebound because it will start eating up the words, so it was time to try to protect it another way.

They love each other!
Some other pictures amongst the many while trying to get everyone to look at the camera at once.

Caroline wanted to take a picture of me.  Sometimes someone's pesky finger gets in the way.  ;)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Two things...

Two things that just came out of Caroline's mouth while we were snuggling on the couch, "You're all mine" and "I'll always be your's". Man, that girl knows how to just melt my heart!

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Conversation

This morning just after Caroline woke up and I was trying to snuggle with her, we had a conversation that went like this:

Caroline:  "I need Daddy"

Me:  "He's sleeping"

Caroline:  "But, I want him to hold me!"

Me:  "But, why can't I hold you?"

Caroline:  "I want him do that!"

Over about the last week and a half, this girl has seemed to be getting more and more attached to her Daddy.  I knew she would leave me behind one day, but I wasn't ready for it yet!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The PERFECT day!

I just asked Caroline what she wanted to do today and she said, "Hug and snuggle." Sounds like the PERFECT day to me!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

When Caroline speaks...

When Caroline speaks these days, she always cracks us up.

This morning, she woke up and David headed to her room with Abigail closely following.

When Caroline saw Abigail, this is what she said,

"Well, hey Abigail, are you excited to see me this morning?"

She really is too funny!

I love you, sweet Caroline!

I had to add this one that just happened...

David came up front wearing his Alabama pajama pants and Caroline immediately said, "Roll Tide!"

David then told her that she would get to watch some Alabama football today and she said,

"Yay!  I love to watch your football.  It's so CUTE!"

She's the one that's cute!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Caroline's First Awards Ceremony!

Caroline completed the AWANA Puggles program this past year with her friends at church. 

Mrs. Lou Ellen Stroud did a really fantastic job teaching our kiddos some wonderful things about God and she truly loved on Caroline so much.

Caroline has also grown to love Mr. Ian and Mrs. Heather and I am so thankful for their leading of my sweet girl!

We are blessed to have wonderful people teaching our children!

Here are 2 videos of their portion of the awards program.

This is the video of a portion or what they learned in Puggles this year.

This is Caroline getting her certificate & gift.

I can just here her saying, "That's MY Mrs. Heather!"

Countdown to Disney!!!!

We are counting down to our Disney trip!

Our countdown chain even has things to do on the back like:  watch Disney movies, make Disney crafts, & even make some Disney snacks!  We are getting excited around here!

We leave in 15 days!!!!

Thanks, Poppa & Nonna!