Friday, July 22, 2011

23 Months Old ~ June 30, 2011

Photos from Caroline's 23rd Month

Caroline enjoying her first lick of brownie batter! As you can guess, she loved it!

I truly can't believe Caroline can sleep comfortably like this!

On Father's Day, Daddy and Caroline enjoyed some time together on the church's playground while Mommy looked on.

Caroline helped me make a belated Father's Day breakfast for Daddy!

We got our old carseat and stroller out so we could try to sell it and Caroline loved playing in it. She also loved strapping her baby in and rocking her. Here is a video of her rocking her baby. It's too sweet! I imagine there will be much of this in the weeks to come when Abigail gets here!

Jamie, Lily and Noah Henry came over for some fun at the swimming pool!

Here is a video of Caroline dancing on the stage at VBS this year. She had a blast! I think she could have danced there for hours! She definitely loves dancing! The video is not as good a quality as usual because I used my cell phone, but you get the idea.