Friday, July 22, 2011

30th Birthday Beach Trip

May 30th & 31st, 2011

Mommy turned 30 on June 4th and her present from Daddy was a couple of days at the beach.

We enjoyed some really good local food, the beach, pool and Festival Park. It was a great trip.

Here are some pictures of Caroline enjoying the beach.

Caroline LOVED the beach, but the water was incredibly cold. She walked with Daddy to fill up the bucket with water and in the 2nd picture, you can see that she quickly retreated as they got close because she did NOT want to get near that water!

Ready and waiting for Mommy & Daddy to be ready to head to the beach!

I was trying to get a good picture of Caroline and Daddy, but she couldn't take her eyes off the waves. Oh well!

On our way out of town, we went to Roanoke Island Festival Park.

I think it's a little too big! ;)

Caroline LOVES ducks!

She was so cute playing with all the vegetables and "working" in the general store.

David, thank you for being so thoughtful in planning this *surprise* trip for me. You knew exactly what I wanted and I had a blast being with you, Caroline and Abigail! I love you so much!